August 30, 2021 3 min read

3 Ways Your House Becomes a Home with

According toMacroTrends, Amazon’s annual revenue for 2020 was 37.62% higher than in 2019 andWayfair’s annual revenue increased54.98%! In a year where COVID-19 stifled small businesses, these e-commerce monopolies saw exponential growth and made more money than ever before. In the spring of 2020, set out to start addressing the disparity between the flourishing big-box stores and family-owned, fair trade, fair wage small businesses. brings mainstreet to the e-commerce marketplace. We are an online platform for individual artisans and other businesses who focus on sustainably producing unique pieces. Read on to see how we’re changing the e-commerce marketplace and changing the way you make your house a home.


1. Sustainable design is our standard.

At, sustainability matters. We believe our products should not only be functional, durable, and timeless, but they should also demonstrate sustainable design properties. We strive to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing environmental waste. From our repurposeddriftwood and reclaimedteak sculptures to ourentryway benches made of salvaged barnwood with a history all its own, each item is thoughtfully selected to be long lasting and aid conservation efforts. Our goal is to help our customers create their own calm, peaceful environments. We believe that what we surround ourselves with reflects our values. Feeling good about where each piece comes from and how it looks in your home is just the beginning.


2. Our unique items redefine rustic. 

To us, rustic means furnishings that embody the hygge [ˈh(y)o͞oɡə] lifestyle by bringing calming natural elements from the outside in. We only carry products that meet our refined rustic criteria, yet our collections are as unique as your individual design preferences. While each collection has its own style, all utilize the beautiful details in wood, metals, stone, and other organic materials. Whether you prefer clean, industrial lines or traditional rustic, live-edge pieces, we have designs that will suit your taste. Although the products we carry are inspired by nature and made in plain and simple fashion, we promise they are anything but ordinary. These pieces are built sturdy enough to last generations and cozy enough to make you feel at home the second you walk through the door.



3. We are not a box store, we are so much more.

As passionate as we are about the materials our products are made of, we are just as passionate about the people who make them. We partner with local and regional artisans  to create exposure for their pieces and their business. Just as each product has a story, so does each partner. The lines in our artisan’s hands mirror the stories of the woodgrain in each plank they choose. Each person’s character and craftsmanship is passed down through the products they create. You will come to find that every made-to-order piece on is built to make a statement and will easily start conversations among your guests for years to come. If you love putting a face to a name and knowing where your goods come from, we invite you to follow along with our artisan features and watch their stories unfold.  

When you use to furnish your home, your purchases have a purpose. With us, you are supporting much more than just another online store. You are helping us give a platform to a multitude of artisans and eco-friendly businesses that are trying to gain footing in the massive e-commerce realm. In a world of instant gratification and big-box superstores, we ask you to be intentional about the pieces you buy and the people you support. Help shape the narrative of small business success in the post Covid-19 world by investing in quality home goods and the people who make them, while also letting these pieces be a source of joy in your own home for years to come.