Mustang Big Sky I

This bachelor stallion calls North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park home. He is said to be a descendant of Sitting Bull’s horses. Sturdy, sure-footed, and one of the oldest wild horses in the park, he is often seen taking young stallions under his wing, teaching them how to find their way around Big Sky. Get the matching Mustang Big Sky II


Artist statement:

I have been photographing bison and horses since 2009. Approaching the subject as portraiture, I look to capture the essence of the animal rather than its surroundings. These animals portray a glimpse into the history of our region, while sketching a timeless story about current life here. 

Artist's Decorating Tip: Buy what you love and you will always find a place for it. Works that speak to you will outlast the latest decorating trends.

For all the images at this time on canvas:

Megs photographs are produced as fine art pigment photographs on canvas. They have greater depth & clarity and will not fade like traditional photographs. The framed option comes in a black float frame. 

Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery as they are made to order especially for you.

Meg Spielman Peldo
Proudly made in North Dakota

Meg Spielman Peldo

Based in her historic loft studio in Downtown Fargo, North Dakota, Meg Spielman Peldo is an award winning artist. She is known for her contemporary twist on the genre of Western Art Photography, her recent works capture modern portrait-style images of horses and bison reflecting the history of the plains. Her work is found in corporate and personal collections across the USA and abroad. She is owner of Meg Spielman Studio and a partner in Dakota Fine Art Gallery, Fargo, N.D.

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