Hulett Moss Wall Art

Freshen up your office, living room, or entryway space with the geometrical green and white Hulett Moss Art.

Materials: Preserved moss

Dimensions: 48"L x 28"H

Made to order. Current production time 2-3 weeks.

Due to the nature of this piece, avoid direct sunlight.

No watering required!

The moss will have a slight smell to it. Some people like the smell others not so much. Please note that this is the nature of preserved moss.

Holly Bee and Co

Holly Bee and Co

Debbie of HollyBee and Company strives for her products to bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your home or work space. She created her company with the theme of bringing the outdoors in with quality handmade products. She uses a large amount of reclaimed lumber and strives to stay as eco-friendly as possible. Most of her wood stains are made from natural earth pigments. The nature of her handmade stains help keep each piece unique.

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