Black Lotus Live Edge Table

$4,899.00 USD

This beautiful bookmatch Black Locust table will be the perfect addition to your home or office. The table features live wood edges and a beautiful dark grain throughout the whole piece. The table also includes Symmetry Hardware table legs: 2X Big Metro. Blackened Oxide finish. Height: 29". Width (at top): 30". Leveling feet: Yes.

PLEASE NOTE: The artisan will take off the legs for the shipping & delivery of the table. Upon arrival, the customer will need to reassemble the legs back onto the threaded inserts already on the table.

Species Black Locust
Due to the nature of this product dimensions and wood grain will vary:
Width 38" at the widest width
Length 78"

Weight 125.0 lbs

Made to order. Current lead time 3-4 weeks

More behind this product:
This Black Locust was removed because the tree was leaning badly on a retaining wall leading into a parking lot and was dangerous to the public. The tree was removed by our main division, Arborist Now, Inc., a San Francisco arborist company servicing the Bay Area since 2010.

Location of where this wood was sourced: Market Street and Octavia, San Francisco, CA | 37.791122, -122.399180
made to order
Arbor Upcycle

Arbor Upcycle

Proudly made in California
Arbor Upcycle is a division of Arborist Now, a San Francisco arborist company servicing the Bay Area since 2010. It came to life after years of seeing our urban lumber go to waste. We take pride in harvesting and upcycling everything we can from local trees that have to come down. Our goal is to provide our community with rare, local and historical material from the City’s oldest residents. From our first onsite arborist consultation to the slab or finished product that we sell, we preserve the history and soul of the tree. The vast majority of our slabs come from urban trees that had to be removed for various reasons, right here in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Each slab has a Tree History ID where we geotrack each product to its original tree location, so customers know exactly where their product is from!