Harbor Fir Lumber Wood Panels

Harbor Fir timbers and lumber are typically soaked in the Great Salt Lake or sprayed with water from the Great Salt Lake. The interaction between the wood fiber and the minerals in the water produce unique colors in the material. The interaction of the minerals in the water and the metal brought into contact with the timbers and lumber can also impact material coloration by creating staining and/or streaking around holes and/or other metal contact points. We believe that the net effect is a visually appealing, aged appearance.

Thickness: 5/8" to 1" and 1 1/2" to 2"
Width: up to 12" (actual typically up to 3/4" nominal for widths 6" and up and up to 1/2" nominal for widths < 6")
Lengths: up to 16'
Air-dried. As timbers and lumber air dry, they tend to shrink somewhat, resulting in dimensions becoming somewhat more nominal.

Packaged in boxes of 250 square feet

Made from Douglas Fir Species.

Harbor Fir timbers and lumber can have some (a) punkiness around their edges and (b) wane.

Proudly made in Utah


Close to a hundred years after the Lucin Cutoff railroad trestle was originally built, and almost forty years since its last significant service, the wood from the trestle is enjoying a rebirth. In March of 1993, Cannon Structures, Inc. obtained salvage rights to the trestle previously held by Southern Pacific. Cannon soon thereafter established Trestlewood, which has been salvaging and remanufacturing the wood from the trestle ever since. Trestlewood has remained a small, family-owned and managed business focused on providing you with unique, high-quality, competitively-priced wood product options.

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