Lure Wine Rack

$229.00 USD

With twelve slots to display your extensive wine collection, the Lure Wine Rack is a guaranteed good time. It's slim, strong, and laidback look will style easily with the rest of your room.


Dimensions: 16"W x 6"D x 43"H



The Samieian Family

The Samieian Family

What started as a fine rugs and furniture store, has now become a family-owned business focused on product development and designs they create themselves. Some of the family's core values we align with include focusing on giving back to their community, ethical sourcing, sustainability, and ensuring fair wages and safety standards for all employees. 


The Samieian family says, "We truly believe that your home should be your oasis. A place that reflects your personality and great sense of style. We believe that what makes a great product is not just the price, but the quality of its materials and craftsmanship. Each product has a story; from where its materials were gathered, to who constructed the item."