Weather Blend Accent Wall Thin Skins

Weathered Blend Thin Skins involve a mix/blend of various sources of reclaimed/antique material and materials naturally aged/processed to give them a weathered/aged appearance.Thins are our most consistent, ready-to-install interior barnwood product. Ideal for accent walls, small DIY projects, crafts, and other interior uses.

3/8" (+/- 1/8") thickness
2"-8" width (nominal)
4' length
Packaged in boxes of 30 square feet

No two boxes will be exactly the same.
Skins includes a wide range of surfacing/textures.
Skins colors can also vary widely. Common colors include browns, light browns, grays, light grays and combinations of browns and grays.
WeatheredBlend Skins can be very brittle and may split easily. Special care, such as pre-drilling holes for nails, is advisable.
Thins are not recommended for exterior use.

Weather Blend Thin Skins can be used to by themselves or to complement Barnwood Thins.

Proudly made in Utah


Close to a hundred years after the Lucin Cutoff railroad trestle was originally built, and almost forty years since its last significant service, the wood from the trestle is enjoying a rebirth. In March of 1993, Cannon Structures, Inc. obtained salvage rights to the trestle previously held by Southern Pacific. Cannon soon thereafter established Trestlewood, which has been salvaging and remanufacturing the wood from the trestle ever since. Trestlewood has remained a small, family-owned and managed business focused on providing you with unique, high-quality, competitively-priced wood product options.

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