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Featured Artisans of the Month

Bharti Trivedi

Bharti Trivedi is a fiber and textile artist whose work ranges from woven textiles to macra-weave wall hangings. After receiving her degree in Engineering, Bharti worked as Cyber Security Engineer for high-tech companies for many years. Soon after becoming a mother, she was introduced to the art of Macramé; after doing some research into the craft, Bharti taught herself how to knot.

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Erik Linton

Erik Linton is on a mission as an artist is to help people see things that surround us all in a different way. He says, "The trees that surround us and out live us are constantly writing the stories of the micro and macro environments around them. From the workings of a wood ant to the global climates, these trees are full of stories." The wood gathered for prints is taken only from previously fallen trees.

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