Our Story

At Rustic.com, we have two missions:

The first is to provide unique, timeless products that are full of character, built to last, and made of natural elements that bring the outside in to transform your house into a cozy and warm home.


The second is to share the stories of those who make our products and to make space in the e-commerce marketplace for our vendors so that consumers can find what they truly love instead of settling for the typical products offered at every bigbox store.


Both are important because we know our customers trust us to provide them quality furniture and decor that they will love in their home, and we know each purchase and each sharing of our artisan’s product and stories supports their livelihood, many of them hoping to turn their 5-9 into a 9-5 job.


When we first started out in the pursuit of finding unique, rustic products, we discovered small businesses focused on sustainability practices, as well as artisans truly gifted in their craft. Most of them relied heavily on foot traffic, which became a barrier with COVID-19. Meanwhile, the big-box, brand-name, e-commerce stores were hitting record numbers.


Since we instantly fell in love with their craftsmanship and stories, we knew all of our online friends would too. So, we stepped in to handle the scouting and vetting of companies that share our values, the marketing of their products, and the behind-the-scenes work, while our vendors have more time to design and create niche products for you and your home.


Some of the vendors we select are just starting out, focusing on made-to-order products. Meanwhile, some have been able to scale their production and grow their business into the small-batch, ready-to-ship, broader market.


As we’ve grown, a key pillar for us is to still exclusively source our products from talented artists and artisans, as well as businesses that are built on our shared values of eco-friendly design and consumption, ethical sourcing, fair-wage and fair-trade standards, and supporting the communities they work in.


You can feel good knowing that when you support Rustic.com, you are joining a crew of people who are rethinking the way they consume and are helping people pursue their passions, all while gaining never-ending access to exclusive products.