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Colorado Douglas Fir Tree Ring Print

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Each print is made by hand using durable paper and ink placed directly on the wood slice of a tree. The wood that is used to make the prints is gathered from already fallen trees. 

Material: 100lb acid free paper

Size: 18x24 inch

Type: Douglas Fir from Denver, Colorado

Paint: High quality textured ink.

This product is made to order. Production time is 1 week. Ships in a sturdy tube. In order for this product to make it to you safely, frame is not included. If you would like suggestions, contact us at 

Artist Statement:

"As an artist, my purpose is to reveal the artistry that exists in nature and to present it in a way that is accessible enough to hang on a wall in your home. I also want to bring our attention to our impact on the landscapes that surround us. These tree ring prints help us see our place in a much larger historical context and hopefully each ring makes us reflect on the limited time that we have in this beautiful landscape.

Each print is like a fingerprint from mother nature. 
When you buy one of these tree ring prints, you’re getting an actual handmade woodcut print, not something printed from a machine. That’s because I consider each a work of art that is as unique as the tree I make them from. I also don’t believe in cutting down trees to make my art. I travel to meaningful places to find wood from previously fallen trees. In a way, I’m just publishing the story of a place as written by a tree over decades and sometimes hundreds of years. I sign each print because I stand by my work."

Erik Linton
Proudly made in Utah

Erik Linton

Erik Linton is on a mission as an artist is to help people see things that surround us all in a different way. He says, "The trees that surround us and out live us are constantly writing the stories of the micro and macro environments around them. From the workings of a wood ant to the global climates, these trees are full of stories." The wood gathered for making his prints is taken only from previously fallen trees. He especially likes to gather his wood and botanical samples from places that have some significance like a National Park, National Forest, or a historical site. All prints are created by hand from start to finish.

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