Bison I

This magnificent bison calls North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park home. Sturdy and sure-footed, they are equipped to plow through snow & contend with hot, dry summers. The Tatanka, as referred to by Native Americans, is the largest mammal on our continent. Males can reach 2,000 pounds and stand 6 feet or more at the shoulder. Roughly 1200 American bison roam wild and free here under in the Badlands.

Artist statement:

I have been photographing bison and horses since 2009. Approaching the subject as portraiture, I look to capture the essence of the animal rather than its surroundings. These animals portray a glimpse into the history of our region, while sketching a timeless story about current life here. I am loving large black and white photographs. They draw attention to details that can be lost in color and have a timelessness that remains constant.

Artist's Decorating Tip: Buy what you love and you will always find a place for it. Works that speak to you will outlast the latest decorating trends.

For all the images at this time on canvas:

Megs photographs are produced as fine art pigment photographs on canvas. They have greater depth & clarity and will not fade like traditional photographs. The framed option comes in a black float frame. 

Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery as they are made to order especially for you.