Holy Pine Inspirational Triangle

Our triangle wall art design is made from pine and stained with an all natural homemade earth pigment stain. This geometric wooden art design is beautiful for your home or office space.

The triangle represents the intertwining of faith, love, and peace.  

The artisan says, "I use the triangle as a tool for the power of positive thinking and the action of surrendering and letting go. Write down your hearts desire and place it into the triangle with the intention that the universe will help you bring it into manifestation. Leaving the paper for 2 weeks and then burn it. Burning the paper is a symbol of saying, 'I know this desire will come to me if it is meant to be and the timing will be divine. I am going to trust that this little wooden triangle has manifested its way into our hands for a purpose.' The thought becomes an idea, the idea becomes a dream, the dream becomes a reality.

My hearts desire is for this little wooden triangle to finds its way into your hands, offering you a little piece of joy and beauty. Hang it on the wall and just enjoy its beauty or use it to surrender your hearts desire. Either way, we hope it brings you peace. Part of our hearts desire is to spread what this triangle represents for us and that is love, peace and faith."

Materials: Pine and natural homemade earth pigment stain

Dimensions: 14" on each side, frame is the 1.5" in depth

Made to order. Current production time is 2-3 weeks

Due to the nature of this product, color variations will make each piece unique and may appear different that what is shown here.

Holly Bee and Co

Holly Bee and Co

Debbie of HollyBee and Company strives for her products to bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your home or work space. She created her company with the theme of bringing the outdoors in with quality handmade products. She uses a large amount of reclaimed lumber and strives to stay as eco-friendly as possible. Most of her wood stains are made from natural earth pigments. The nature of her handmade stains help keep each piece unique.

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