Odin Triangle

$79.00 USD

Odin’s Triangle wooden art piece. Each piece of wood we use in this triangle is a fingerprint from nature. We are hoping to offer a touch of nature’s healing properties into your home with this beautiful piece. Different types of wood are believed to hold different healing, spiritual, and mythical properties.


Materials: walnut, redwood, alder, aspen

Dimensions: 17" on each side, frame is 1.5" in depth


Made to order. Current production time is 2-3 weeks.


Alder is known for its masculine energy, reducing anxiety, courage and strength.

Walnut holds both masculine and feminine energy and is believed to enhance help align you to Mother Goddess, offering clarity, focus, and wisdom.

Redwood holds abundance, wisdom and healing protection.

Aspen carries famine energy offering a balance of both masculine and feminine, focusing on overcoming obstacles, communication, and intuition.

As with any of our pieces, we hope they bring you as much joy as they do us.