Thermal Brown Lumber Wood Panels

Thermal Brown Lumber is lumber which has been run through a thermal modification process to give it enhanced durability and other characteristics and nice brown tones.
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Thickness: 5/8" to 1" and  1 1/2" to 2"
Width: random, 4" to 10"
Lengths: 6' to 16'
Packaged in boxes of 250 square feet

The thermal modification process can give Thermal Brown Lumber characteristics including: (a) increased durability; (b) increased dimensional stability; (c) lighter weight; (d) brown color tones; (e) quicker to weather gray when exposed to sunlight; (f) increased brittleness; (g) lower mechanical/structural strength; (h) burned smell; and (i) etc. Thermal Brown Lumber should not be used in structural applications or in situations involving ground contact.

Proudly made in Utah


Close to a hundred years after the Lucin Cutoff railroad trestle was originally built, and almost forty years since its last significant service, the wood from the trestle is enjoying a rebirth. In March of 1993, Cannon Structures, Inc. obtained salvage rights to the trestle previously held by Southern Pacific. Cannon soon thereafter established Trestlewood, which has been salvaging and remanufacturing the wood from the trestle ever since. Trestlewood has remained a small, family-owned and managed business focused on providing you with unique, high-quality, competitively-priced wood product options.

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