Saddle Up

This photograph of a saddled horse evokes a sense of history with a modern twist. Photographed at the oldest dude ranch in the USA, Eatons Ranch was established in 1879 near Medora, ND. The Eaton brothers even hosted Theodore Roosevelt and remained fast friends, riding in his inaugural parade. In 1904 they relocated and expanded to Wolf Creek in eastern Wyoming where I spent a week photographing horses in the fall.


This piece is often bought alongside Lone Ranger. Please note they are sold separately. This image provided shows how they pair well together.


Artist Statement:
I have been photographing bison and horses since 2009. Approaching the subject as portraiture, I look to capture the essence of the animal rather than its surroundings. These animals portray a glimpse into the history of our region, while sketching a timeless story about current life here. I am loving large black and white photographs. They draw attention to details that can be lost in color and have a timelessness that remains constant.


Artist's Decorating Tip: Buy what you love and you will always find a place for it. Works that speak to you will outlast the latest decorating trends.


For all the images at this time on canvas:

Megs photographs are produced as fine art pigment photographs on canvas.
They have greater depth & clarity and will not fade like
traditional photographs.


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