Veda Media Center

The high performance Veda media cabinet allows easy remote access to your media, yet keeps components hidden out of view behind three beautiful louvered doors. The louvered design allows the infrared light to reach your remote-controlled devices inside. Easy to use, the back of the media cabinet is as accessible as the front via ventilated rear panels that can be completely removed for clear access to your cables, wiring, and media components. Generous flow through ventilation allows for heat control. The Veda media cabinet delivers modern style and essential function for your living space.


Expertly crafted in earth friendly solid bamboo, a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource, and shown in caramelized finish. No stain is used, the color is achieved through the process of caramelizing the natural sugars in the bamboo with heat and pressure. Variation in grain and color enrich the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and make each piece unique. Slight differences in bamboo shade colors are signs that the furniture has been crafted from solid bamboo and is considered a benchmark of quality.


Crafted in 100% solid Moso bamboo, one of the planet’s most sustainable and rapidly renewable resources. Made in an ISO 14001 Environment Management certified facility, your purchase of this environmentally friendly bamboo product helps support forests and ecosystems worldwide.




Large - 63.98"W x 19.96"D x 27.84"H

Small - 48.5"W x 20"D x 28"H